Our Chapter


Part of the LMU Community for 55 Years

The Delta Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Loyola Marymount University in 1959.  As the only business fraternity at LMU open exclusively to Business and Economics majors we are the premier organization that fosters strong community in addition to supporting and developing LMU students into young professionals. While we are a group of driven students, we truly value the relationships developed through this organization and often refer to our chapter dynamic as a family.

Our Social Media Mission Statement

The LMU Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is committed to serving the our university community and its students. Our social media outreach seeks to include all members of the LMU community through our content.  Our aim on social media is not solely to advertise our events or our chapter at Loyola Marymount University, but to capture the essence of our organization. Delta Sigma Pi at LMU is a community of passionate and driven individuals who push each other to grow, strive and succeed. We want to capture this sentiment through sharing content that inspires us and that could help all students and young professionals prepare themselves for their futures.


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